Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Akshara Karthik,Our new Bundle of Joy Born on Aug 2008.

We are Blessed to have Our New Entry in our Family. Our Dear Cutie Pie Daughter - Akshara Karthik.This is one of her very first Pics after she was born.Now she is 9 months old. All these days I didnt get much time to create Finally I have started working on it.When I was Preggy, I was in the thinking that I will breast feed my lil one for atleast 1-2 years, I realised after she was born I could not continue properly after 3 months.She took almost 3 weeks to learn to latch, By the time she started latching my milk supply started to reduce. I had no Milk either.I was so worried.That phase was very hard. It was a great struggle between us to feed her. She hated Similac too.. Baby was hard to be fed anything...Now after 9 months, she is fine. She started feeding well only after 6 months. Now She has solid foods, Normal food we have and she feeds fine...

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