Monday, June 29, 2009

A few things about me

A few things about me

OK, I saw so many lists about so may people and could not help but write my list too! I don’t want to die without a list!!!
So here it goes! Read them if you really don’t have anything better to do!

1. I love dancing.
2. I love to watch comedy movies.
3. I think I am doing Great job as a mother.
4. I have been blessed with a Wonderful Husband and Daughter.
5. I have always missed my dad from young age and I miss him even now.
6. I started reading children's books only when I was 15.
7. Venice is my most favourite city in the world.
8. I lie for no reason.
9. I did nt make any best friends after college.
10. When I had a job, I wanted to quit and when I quit, I regretted it.
11. I am penny wise and pound foolish.
12. I am a good cook.
13. I throw things when I am angry.
14. I have cried and said good byes to friends whose names I don’t remember now.
15. I don’t drink coffee.
16. I hate the fact that I dont have my own Siblings though I have my best cousins.
17. I cannot trust people easily.
18. I think I am 5'7"
19. I can never make up my mind about my favourite colour.
20. I am a Leo.
21. In my dreams, people I love die.
22. I once owned a GS named Max and still own my lab, Lobo.
23. I love arranging flowers.
24. I am afraid of confrontations.
25. I once lost my straw hat in an airport and cried that it’s all alone in a strange country.
26. I can’t think of one original idea I have had.
27. I love to sing.
28. I love snow.
29. I want to learn Salsa.
30. I always want to please people.
31. I love bunk beds.
32. I get up Early every morning.
33. I like to drink water out of a bottle.
34. I have never been late to any appointments.
35. I make faces while talking on the phone.
36. I cry when old people are sad.I love my Husbands Parents and Sis as my own.
37. Hearing your child laugh out loud for the first time is Heaven.
38. I become deaf while reading.
39. I absolutely hate violence in the name of religion.
40. I am indebted to my Mother for giving me this life.
41. I love getting Emails.
42. I used to look forward for my birthday until I was 25 years old.
43. I hate to peel boiled potatoes.
44. I love to surprise people.
45. I hate my hair.
46. I have been trying to diet for the past 1 year but I cant.
47. I like tea.
48. I love aerobics.
49. I plan lot of things but never get around to actually doing them.
50. Making this list was exhausting.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Now we know to Crawl and Clap too!!!We clap our hands in delight.Applaud.Slap a high-five. I am 6 months old now.I know to play patty-cake play - For babies Hand clapping is an important motor skill she'll need for eye hand coordination.

Her Milestone - She sat w/o Support.

Look @ Her Eyes. Mom's Eyes not be Evil ;-)

Akshara in her Rocker.I Engage in frequent conversations with her.It dosent matter if she understand that.This is criticaltime for her speech and lang development. Sounds she hears will help determine her future vocabulary and help ehr to think conceptually.

In Deep Thinking...Listening to Music.Music is fun and entertaining, but it also helps child to develop mathematical concepts and to understand logic. Its esp imp to start exrcising thses skills btn ages 1-4. Music is based on Math. Kids count the beats. learn rythms and listen for repeated patterns.

Akshara - Her Million Dollar Smile even in the Worst Economy.

Assisting Daddy with his work from home even during weekends.Dad was having a very bad phase owing to Bad Economic crisis. I didnt have a job to assist him either. He used to work even during weekends. It was very hard for us, Every cent I think twice b4 spending when it comes to us... Its now 2 years since we had a vacation.... God be with him.

Adventures at her Pediatricians Place.

Getting Ready for her First Doctor Appointment in her new CarSeat . Baby getting ready for her Shots. Trust me she hated to go to her Doc's Place anytime. Just seeing the Doc's Table she starts yelling..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Bouncer - Daddy.

These Days,Both Kar Dad and Radzz Mommy is being used as a substitute for the bouncer for achieving the same result as the bouncer. As is common knowledge, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. Similarly, when Akshara gets disturbed in midnight & wants to go to sleep at 2 AM , either of us have to rock her to sleep. In this process, Akshara grabs the “sleep quotient” from both of us and descends into a sound sleep, leaving Us wide awake!

Kid's Play- Akshara Karthik , All Pink and No Blues

Daddy Back from work.These days Daddy is back so early!!!??? Back Home what does Daddy do first- Cuddling Cuddling and Cuddling His sweetie pie..I feel I dont get any importance at all..from anyone- Now I am used to though.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Akshara Cuddled by her Dear Dad.

Finally Akshara's Daddy had his Haircut !!!
He didnt want to scare you ;-)

Akshara Karthik,Our new Bundle of Joy Born on Aug 2008.

We are Blessed to have Our New Entry in our Family. Our Dear Cutie Pie Daughter - Akshara Karthik.This is one of her very first Pics after she was born.Now she is 9 months old. All these days I didnt get much time to create Finally I have started working on it.When I was Preggy, I was in the thinking that I will breast feed my lil one for atleast 1-2 years, I realised after she was born I could not continue properly after 3 months.She took almost 3 weeks to learn to latch, By the time she started latching my milk supply started to reduce. I had no Milk either.I was so worried.That phase was very hard. It was a great struggle between us to feed her. She hated Similac too.. Baby was hard to be fed anything...Now after 9 months, she is fine. She started feeding well only after 6 months. Now She has solid foods, Normal food we have and she feeds fine...